Large Google Algorithm Update is happening ?!

Google Algorithm Update
Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update 2017

Since yesterday morning, the SEO industry has been watching an unconfirmed Google ranking update that has been going on for the past 24+ hours. This update has been named the Fred update, and it seems to target more of the link quality aspects of the overall algorithm.

Webmaster forums have reported numerous position and traffic shifts.

The SEMrush Sensor

The SEMrush Sensor is also showing a High level of volatility this day. The main hypothesis is that the update is related to link building, but no official confirmation has been received.

Semrush Sensor is showing a high range of volatility today (6.2/10).

Numerous sites' position changes! Google results are shaking up. This may be a sign of a possible algorithm change. 

So this might be a link related Google algorithm shift, but Google has not confirmed anything. 

We are waiting to hear from Google if they have any comment.

It is hard to tell if this is solely focused on spammy links, low-quality content, or something else.

What are Google Algorithms?

According to Google:

"Uses a set of signals to determine how trustworthy, reputable, or authoritative a source is. (One of these signals is PageRank, one of Google's first algorithms, which looks at links between pages to determine their relevance.)"


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